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No Thank-you.

I'll just watch Clerks instead.

Very Funny film.

A very great effort by the great **Jon**
YOU CAN ONLY GO UP FROM HERE! The serious tone made things even funnier. YOu know, it's amazing how dickheads miss the point. Yeah, you could have animated shredder's arms, but that wasn't your vision!

He's not a dumbass people, he knows how to animate arms!

Pretty damn boring,

This is the first one I ever clicked on and it will also be the last. That isn't so strange by the way. The majority of you cannot say that you got into a comic book from the first issue. Every one must stand on its own, this one didn't. I fell asleep during this as well. There are a lot of great online comics, this aint one of them.

Technically speaking, the flash is great. Lots of different techniques and ideas were presented. I'm voting 2.

What a piece of shit!

This movie has IN-YOUR-FACE gay.

It's not that bad.

I'm a dude and I watched it no problem. The balls to the chair thing isn't violent at all. I can't understand all the damn hype about it.


WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!? It's even better when you Download it and watch it fullscreen.



That was pretty damn funny!

You have a talent. It's kind of disturbing hearing everyone telling you to make one with real people.

The greatest parody of Akira, EVER!

I don't know how you managed to get the voices like that,it was perfect! The part at the end, I can't believe you did that with just flash! It was better than when South Park did their parody!

You fucking wanker!

You gave this entry a 5, raising its score to 2.50!

That was pretty funy. More fetishists should make flash movies!

I like to hack PlayStation and Dreamcast games. You can see examples of this on my website.

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